Adult Bible Class

Liberty Baptist Church is a family! The many Bible classes are smaller families within our church family. You are important to God and important to us. It is important to us that you find the class that fits you. In these adult Bible Study Classes, you will connect with others like you for Bible studies, friendships and activities. So regardless of your age or background, there is a class for you, and every class has a place for you!


Young Couples

Building a strong marriage doesn’t happen by accident. A strong marriage comes because it is built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, the Bible and the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit. The Victory Couples Class is designed to help you grow in grace and strengthen your marriage and home. The Bible principles you will learn will help you make your marriage a life-long and joyful relationship. In the Victory Couples Class you will hear helpful Bible lessons about life, marriage, finances and rearing children. Come and discover God’s plan for a joyful home.


Senior Saints

We recognize the contribution of Senior Citizens in the community and our church. We have a Senior Saints program where Senior Saints can fellowship on special monthly activities just for Senior Saints and study the Bible in the Growing Grace Adult Bible Study Class on Sunday mornings in the church auditorium. Senior Saints will find Liberty Baptist Church a place of fun, fellowship, caring and growing in grace. We love Senior Citizens and all are welcome.


Adult Classes

At Liberty Baptist Church, whether you are middle-aged, single, married or senior citizen, there is a place for you in one of the adult Bible classes in the Navigators Class, Friendship Class, Growing in Grace Class and the Victory Class.

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