Loving nursery workers provide a clean and safe environment for each child. Parents can have peace of mind while they attend one of the adult Bible classes and the weekly services. The nursery is provided for newborns to three years old.



It is amazing how much your child will learn in these classes specifically tailored for children four and five years old. They will come home singing new songs, quoting verses they have memorized, displaying their crafts, and sharing with you important truths they are learning from the Bible. They will learn things like the importance of obedience, being kind, sharing and the fact that God loves them. The teachers are dedicated and compassionate.



Games, excitement, learning Bible verses, and singing are just a few words that describe the Primaries Sunday School classes at Liberty Baptist Church. During this critical age, a child’s ability to memorize the Bible verses and to comprehend the truths from the Scriptures really accelerates. We try to fill their minds with Bible truth.



Nine through twelve year old will participate in classes that are full of energy and excitement as they learn Bible truth that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. They will memorize Scripture, learn Bible truth, participate in games and make great friends.

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